PointFire 365 provides powerful yet simple tools to manage multilingual SharePoint environments. Take a look at our comparison chart for a list of multilingual PointFire 365 features as compared to SharePoint Online alone. Compare features for SharePoint on premise.
Instantly change your language on any page 3
UI language depends on user language 4
Content language depends on user language *5
Create new content in any language  
Works on Communication and Modern Team sites *5
Filter any web part based on language *6
Filter list/library content based on language *5
Filter content of webparts that allow it, including CQWP
All users and content on same site regardless of language *5
Same links to pages, redirected by language *5
Support variations of classic publishing sites
Support variations of all classic and modern site types
Localizes your UI customization *
Edit the translations of UI elements using a list
Machine translation for any page 2
Machine translation for any list, metadata, doc, Excel, PPT, PDF 2
Date/currency format based on user language
Shared or site-specific hierarchical dictionaries
Install/uninstall quickly
Little performance impact
All upgrades included
Technical support included, for you and your integrator
Free development version, with upgrades and support
1 – coming soon * Partial support
2 – with PointFire Translator 3 – takes 10 minutes, setting is hard to find
4 - after change, can take up to 1 day
5 – certain communication sites only
6 - 2 web parts on certain comm. sites


Telephone: +1 (613) 826 0747 ex. 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free development version?
Yes there is. You start off with a 30-day trial, but contact us before it expires and we will extend it for your dev/test site within reason.

Can I process the order by PO?
Yes! You can pay via purchase order. Upon receipt of your PO, we will send you your invoice with the license key(s).

Are there any extra fees?
No, there are no extra fees and updates are included. Our staff focuses on the products, not on selling you extra services.
How long is a license good for?
12-month subscription model which includes unlimited technical support, software updates & upgrades.

What is the cost of a license?
It's a model based on ranges of number of users in the site collection or tenancy. For very large tenants it's a few cents per user per month.

Can my firm resell your products?
If you're a respected SharePoint services firm and wish to use PointFire in your client projects, please contact us!

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