PointFire on premise. provides powerful yet simple tools to manage multilingual SharePoint environments. Take a look at our comparison chart for a list of multilingual PointFire features as compared to SharePoint alone. Compare features for SharePoint Online
Change your language any time *
UI language depends on user language *
Content language depends on user language  
Filter any web part based on language  
Filter list/library content based on language  
Filter content of webparts that allow it, including CQWP  
All users and content on same site regardless of language  
Same links to pages and PDFs, redirected by language  
Support variations of publishing sites
Support variations of all site types  
Localizes your customization & code, 3rd party products *
Edit the translations of UI elements using a list *
Translate dropdowns, lookup, managed navigation, etc.  
Machine translation for any site, any list/library *
Date/currency format based on user language  
Centralized, shared or site-specific hierarchical dictionaries  
Hierarchical settings, global, site collection, site, webpart  
Avoid translating names  
200,000 translations already built in  
Works with unchanged custom & 3rd party web parts  
Install/uninstall in minutes even on large farms *
Little performance impact
All upgrades included  
Technical support included, for you and your integrator  
Free development version, with upgrades and support  
* Partial Support

PointFire Video Tour

To install PointFire, get the free unlimited trial and use our intuitive installer. Then activate it on the sites on which you to add multilingual capabilities. PointFire installs easily on existing sites to make them multilingual. Upgrades from an older version of PointFire to a newer one are easy. Our network of experienced partners can help you to upgrade from old AlphaMosaik or Oceanik versions, or convert from Variations to PointFire. You can also migrate from on-premise to Office 365 versions of PointFire.