With our subscription model you get unlimited support and no upgrade costs!


Per WFE License Pricing

PointFire Initial Startup: $6,400
- Includes 1 year software activation, support, maintenance & upgrades

PointFire Annual Renewal Cost: $1,600
- Provides additional 1 year software activation, support, maintenance & upgrades

Per WFE License Pricing - Non Expiring

PointFire License: $11,200
- Includes 4 years software support, maintenance & upgrades

Subsequent Years: $1,600
- Provides additional 1 year software support, maintenance & upgrades

PointFire 365

Per-user pricing as low as a few pennies / user / month*
- Includes software support, maintenance & upgrades
* additional users for very large number of users

Entry level price: $850/year**
- Contact us for a quote for your tenancy
** for up to 100 users

Learn why over 1.5 million users worldwide are using PointFire!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limits to the amount of users we can have?
On premise, pricing is based on WFE, with no user limits. For SharePoint Online, pricing is based on number of users.

Can I process the order by PO?
Yes! You can pay via purchase order. Upon receipt of your PO, we will send you your invoice with the license key(s).

Are there any maintenance fees?
No, there are no maintenance fees, and updates are included in the new subscription model.
How long is a license good for?
12-month subscription model which includes unlimited technical support, software updates & upgrades.

What is a per web front end licensing software?
On premise, pricing is based on the number of individual servers that deliver SharePoint content (does not include SQL servers, etc...)

Do you offer not-for-profit, government or academic discounts?
Yes! We offer special discounts to most non-profit, government or academic organizations. Please request a quote!