Using PointFire Translator

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This add-in creates machine translations of any compatible document, page, or item in your libraries and lists, into all of the languages of your site.

It will work either alone, in which case it will use SharePoint Online's or SharePoint 2019's built-in Machine Translation Service, or use PointFire Power Translator if it is intalled and configured. For better quality translations of a wider range of document and page types, see PointFire Power Translator


After installing, go to the default app page, which should be called "PointFire Translator" in the navigation. Select "this page" link to navigate to your site’s language setting and add the languages that you want.

Now navigate to the document library that you want to translate. Whether it's using Modern or Classic experience, you can see the "PointFire Translator" menu item and also in the ribbon menu. This works for libraries and for lists.

And if you have set classic view for your list you can see the following entries on your site.

Now select on the document that you want to translate and click on "PointFire Translator". The translator page will open if you are using modern libraries or it will open as a modal popup.

If your library is not multilingual then click on the button "Make Library Multilingual Now!" to make your list or library multilingual.  A multilingual list or library is one that has two extra metadata columns: "Item Language" and "Source Item".  Item Language will have a list of possible values that is taken from the list of alternate languages of the site.

And if your list is already multilingual it will show you the following options. Select the language of the item, which will set the Item Language of the selected item. In this case English is selected.  The document will be translated into all the other languages of the site. If the item has already been translated into some languages, it will not be translated again unless that translation is deleted.

After selecting the language now click on the "Start Translation" button to start the translation and you can see the following message on your page.

Note:- Do not close this page or refresh while translation are in progress.

After completion of translation you can see the following message on your page and now yo can go back to your document to see all the translation by simply clicking on the "Go back to site" button.

And if translation job fails for any cause the following message will appear on your page.

You can also see whether it has used the Machine Translation Service or PointFire Power Translator. And now go back to your list to see the results. PointFire Translator will add all the translation of your document to your document library as below:-

If you select on “PointFire Translator” without selecting an item you will get this following message.

You can not select two items at a single time for translation. If you will select then you will see the following message on translation page.

If you select a document/item that has already been translated into all the site language then you will get following message when you select on the "Start Translation" button.

And if you try to translate a document that is a translation of another document, not the original, then you will get following message on your screen.

PointFire Translator will not only translate the document, it will also translate the document title, and all text metadata columns.  For list items, it will translate all the text columns.

PointFire Translator is compatible with PointFire 365 and PointFire 2019.  If you are using PointFire 365, the lists and libraries that have been made multilingual will also be multilingual for the purpose of PointFire 365.  In that case, when you go back to the site you will only see documents or items in your own language, you will not see the translated documents or items unless you change your language or turn off filtering.  In the case of pages in a page library, if you follow a link to a page that is not in your language and a page in your language exists, you will see the page in your own language instead.

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