• Works with modern sites, including Communication and Team sites, translates modern pages, modern webparts
  • Works with OneDrive
  • NEW Translates native SharePoint Multilingual Page Publishing (coming soon)
  • Install on your hard drive or intranet server or virtual server
  • Scriptable using PowerShell
  • Top quality neural machine translations in 50 languages
  • Can re-train on your documents to adopt your vocabulary and style
  • None of your data goes to our servers
  • Translate most documents, including Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF into all your languages
  • Translates all text metadata including the title
  • Translate classic and modern pages into all your languages
  • Translates any list item
  • Translates entire libraries and lists
  • Compatible with PointFire 365 - translations will automatically be visible only to those in whose language it is.


Telephone: +1 (613) 826 0747 ex. 1